Kriebstein Castle

Welcome to Kriebstein Castle – A Dream of a Knight’s Castle

Kriebstein Castle, a real dream of a knight’s castle, stands proudly at the top of a steep rock face in Central Saxony. It was built at the behest of Dietrich von Beerwalde over 600 years ago. The highlight of the castle is the monumental residential tower with its late-medieval bartizans and ridge turret. Late-Gothic mural paintings can be found in the Kriebstein Room and castle chapel. Visitors can also explore the Treasure Vault to discover some of the treasures that were hidden in the chimney until 1986. A unique experience is ensured by numerous events such as the medieval festival, the »Castle of Fairy Tales«, concerts, medieval banquets and mysterious guided tours. Even film producers have been charmed by Kriebstein Castle, which plays a starring role in movies such as »The Grand Budapest Hotel« and the fairy tale films »Snow White« and »Sweet Porridge«.


Burg Kriebstein

Kriebsteiner Str. 7
09648 Kriebstein

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