Circle of Friends of Kriebstein Castle

The Circle of Friends »Freundeskreis Burg Kriebstein e.V.« was registered as an association on 26 January 1991. Its members are individuals, affiliated associations, benefactors and sponsors.

The Purpose of Its Articles of Association

The purpose if its association consists of active engagement in researching the history of Kriebstein Castle, its preservation and improvement of its state as well as the care and maintenance of its cultural wealth. Therefore, the association is committed to close cooperation with the governmental management of Kriebstein Castle and organises appropriate events.

A member of the Circle of Friends of Kriebstein Castle is the expert group of »Höhlen- und Karstforschung Dresden e.V.« (Cave and Karst Research Dresden, registered association)

Its Board draws up a work schedule every year for coordinating the association’s activities. These events are not open to the public, as a rule.


You may support the Circle of Friends of Kriebstein Castle, registered association, with a donation. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us or fill in the application for membership and send it to:

Freundeskreis Burg Kriebstein e. V.

Gabriele Wippert

Kriebsteiner Straße 7

09648 Kriebstein

Telefax: 034327 95222